Thursday, October 18, 2012

In the barn, Cody and Bo watching the hens

It's not always this peaceful...
This is a moment when Cody the Pug was content to just watch the hens, and Bo the cat was content to lay in the hay watching Cody bond with the hens.
Male and female duck swimming together

The latest additions began as three ducks hanging out together. There was an "incident" at the waterfront over the weekend involving Bo the cat, and the Indian Runner has been missing, without a trace, since.
Indian Runner duck

 This is the beautiful Indian Runner, last seen taunting Bo the cat at the waterfront several days ago, then escaping, we thought, beneath the dock. If you see him, tell him to contact his buddies, they miss him.
The driveway with trees in autumn colors

 Bo looking innocent, days before the "episode".
Piper standing in the door of the barn

Piper the goat could warm your heart :-)
Autumn tree with mist rising from below

There may be a little bit of magic here...