Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Milking Lolly

Lolly, the goat on the right in the pic, was the only goat in milk this year and it was a real treat to have fresh goat milk each day for coffee, and the cheese Bev made. The dwarf goats, like Lolly, have a milk with a bit more fat than the other breeds, like Simone, the larger goat in the pic, who is more an Alpine goat.

In year's past there were enough goats to justify a milking machine, but that was sold earlier this year, knowing that there would be only one goat. Lolly was milked by hand or by using  a pneumatic milker. In spite of her smaller size, Lolly produced a lot of milk for several months, and the freezer is full of a soft cheese, like cream cheese called chevre cheese, we will be enjoying for months to come. Bev also made a simple cheese called Farmer's Cheese, made with vinegar, that caused the milk to curdle. The curds were added to lasagna with delicious results!

Thank you Lolly!

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