Friday, September 20, 2019

Farewell to a Buddy

Farewell to our buddy Cody, on September 19, who was a faithful companion to Bev through some trying times. Cody had a great personality--adored Dan and Steve, and was always willing to roll with whatever was going on, so long as food was involved! You could find Cody with the hens trying to figure out if they had any connection with grilled chicken, one of his favorites, with the goats when he wandered into their pen, and couldn't figure out how to get out, with Steve on the four wheeler, having breakfast with Natalie, who always save a little something for him, just hanging out beneath a blanket next to Bev in her reading chair, or in his bed by the wood stove.
We already miss the Cody paws in the hallway and beneath the dinner table, helping us cook and clean up for dinner. It is hard to imagine sitting by the fire without him napping between us, and the "long walks" from the wood stove to the crate when he would walk ever so slowly to bed...Bev promised him we would regularly pick on Homey the cat, who took great pains to tease him and instigate a scuffle. 
 We will miss you friend and will share many stories and smiles recounting Cody stories sitting by the fire. Thank you for your spirit and the many smiles you added to our lives over the years!

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