Saturday, January 30, 2021

Goat Notes and Barn Cards

Small white Nigerian goat at an open barn door

 New to the website is the shameless Goat Note and Barn Cards shopping page featuring blank note cards that are great for any occasion. As Bev so often says, "Nothing says 'love' like a goat." Most of the cards feature some of the many characters who live at Alewive Farm, and there are even a couple scenes from around Maine. All the photos are taken by Steve and copyright Steve Kelley.

 Speaking of love, the photo above is Half-Pint, a Nigerian Dwarf goat. She and her brother Manley arrived at Alewive Farm only a few weeks old. They have been inseparable since we call them the :Bunions,: because of their curiosity and ability to find something to get into.

Hope you enjoy the cards! If you don't use PayPal, shuffle over to the Alewive Farm Shop on Etsy where you can use your plastic.


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